Gulf Run Pipeline

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Gulf Run Pipeline

Enable Midstream Partners


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Project Information


FERC pre-filing

  • Click here to view the Gulf Run Pipeline project FERC pre-filing letter.

Public open houses

  • Enable hosted three public open houses along the proposed pipeline route to provide information and gather input about the Gulf Run Pipeline Project.

FERC scoping meetings

  • As part of the FERC pre-filing review process, FERC hosted two scoping meetings along the proposed Gulf Run Pipeline Project route. For more information about these meetings, view FERC’s Notice of Intent in the FERC eLibrary. On the eLibrary page, click “General Search,” enter docket number PF19-3, click “submit,” then view the Notice of Intent issued on 06/12/2019.

  • To review Enable’s response to comments submitted to FERC during the scoping period, click here.

FERC Information

  • Learn more about the FERC pre-filing review process by clicking here.

  • Click here, enter docket number PF19-3 and click “submit” to view Gulf Run Pipeline Project FERC filings.