Gulf Run Pipeline


Gulf Run Pipeline

Enable Midstream Partners

Connecting Louisiana resources to Gulf Coast and international markets

Enable Midstream Partners is proposing to build a new interstate natural gas transmission pipeline in Louisiana and modify its existing assets to help meet growing global energy demand.

The new, 135-mile pipeline would run from Westdale to Starks. The modifications to Line CP will enhance and repurpose some of Enable’s existing, underutilized infrastructure in northern Louisiana. The Gulf Run Pipeline project will help deliver U.S. resources to Gulf Coast and international markets.


Generating economic benefits for Louisiana and U.S. economies

The project represents at least a $500 million investment and would generate 1,000 construction jobs. As a direct connection from the Haynesville Shale to the Gulf Coast, the Gulf Run Pipeline project will provide a critical link between increased domestic natural gas production and increasing demand from Gulf Coast and international markets.

The project initiated the Federal Energy Regulatory Committee (FERC) pre-filing review process in April 2019. Pending receipt of applicable permits and regulatory approvals, construction would begin by 2022.

Gulf Run construction timeline4.png

  • AT LEAST $500 million investment

  • 135- mile pipeline

  • 1,000 construction jobs

  • Critical link for Louisiana producers

  • Boost for Louisiana and U.S. economieS