Gulf Run Pipeline

Line CP Modifications

Line CP Modifications


To accommodate natural gas deliveries to the proposed Gulf Run Pipeline project, Enable Gas Transmission, LLC (EGT), an affiliate of Enable Midstream Partners, is proposing to modify three compressor stations and upgrade other facilities along its existing Line CP pipeline, a natural gas pipeline that runs from Carthage, Texas to Delhi, Louisiana. Line CP, which is approximately 171 miles long, currently transports natural gas from west to east, and these proposed modifications would allow for bi-directional flow on Line CP and delivery to the proposed Gulf Run Pipeline.

The Line CP modifications include restaging, pipe modifications, compressor unit additions and new or modified meters. The proposed modifications will be confined to existing facility sites or easements. View the details and map below to learn more about the modifications planned for each station.

Upon completion of the proposed Gulf Run Pipeline, EGT would sell the Line CP pipeline to Enable Gulf Run Transmission, LLC (Gulf Run) and lease back capacity to meet the needs of EGT’s customers. EGT anticipates no impact on current service to its existing firm transportation customers as a result of the proposed project, either during construction of the Line CP modifications or after the sale and lease with Gulf Run. EGT will retain sufficient capacity on Line CP through the sale and lease to meet all obligations under current firm transportation service agreements.

1. Westdale Compressor Station

Westdale will serve as the interconnect point between Line CP and the proposed Gulf Run Pipeline project. Modifications would allow for bi-directional transport of natural gas and delivery to the proposed Gulf Run Pipeline. Modifications include:

  • Addition of two compressor units totaling 27,010 hp

  • Restaging of two existing compressor units

  • Modifications to existing station piping

  • Addition of gas coolers, a motor control center building, a fuel gas skid, a power and control building and a standby generator

2. Vernon Compressor Station

  • Restaging existing compressors

  • Modifications to station piping for bi-directional flow

3. Alto Compressor Station

  • Restaging the existing compressor

  • Modifications to station piping for bi-directional flow

4. Perryville Area

  • ANR Pipeline meter station (modify for bi-directional flow)

  • Columbia Gulf Transmission Pipeline meter station (modify for bi-directional flow)

  • Midcontinent Express Pipeline meter station (increase size)

  • EGT meter station (new receipt meter)