Gulf Run Pipeline


Gulf Run Pipeline

Enable Midstream Partners

Environmental Protection

Enable is committed to siting, constructing, operating and maintaining its pipeline in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. The pipeline siting process is designed to balance the need for appropriate energy sources with the need to protect and preserve important environmental resources. 

The initially proposed route for the new pipeline was identified to avoid and minimize conflict with known environmental resources while maximizing use of existing energy corridors and rights of way to minimize impacts to existing residential or commercial areas.  Working with resource agency representatives, landowners and other stakeholders, Enable will conduct surveys to identify the location and extent of specific environmental and cultural resources that may occur along the pipeline corridor, and the pipeline route will be refined and adjusted based on that coordination and review.    

Enable must obtain approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and many other federal and state agencies before construction commences. Learn more about the permitting process.

During construction, Enable will follow nationwide wetland preservation guidelines and comply with the full range of state and federal rules applying to air, water, land and wildlife resources protection.

Following construction, all disturbed land areas will be restored and returned as closely as possible to their natural states.  All restoration efforts will be performed in compliance with applicable federal, state and municipal requirements, and Enable will remain available to respond to landowner questions throughout the restoration process.